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  • Thank you for the advise Evita! I will start to write journal as you suggest. I like the idea of repeating the simple basic combination. I probably gave pressure on myself to do something different in each phrase. Yes it makes sense, I have also tried to work on bus-stop (outside turn at the top of the swing out) which is really challenging until now 🙂

  • My goal is improve my capacity to dance with music.

    More specifically, I’d like to find myself to enjoy dancing lindy on three consecutive songs with same follow who has similar lindy experience. Usually I dance one or two songs with one follow, since I’m afraid that I can’t create new repertoire, and my dance is going to be bored with same…[Read more]

  • – Tell us what made you start dancing:
    It was friends of mine invited me to monthly social dance at Cleveland, when I was in one year exchange student program. I bravely joined them to experience American culture, and I loved it.

    – Where did you learn and what was the environment like?
    My lindy-hop experience was mostly developed in Oxf…[Read more]

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