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  • Hey Evita!

    It’s going good, hope it’s going well for you as also! I definitely remember it, because it was so much fun! Thanks for the dance again!

    And yes, hope to see you sometime this year before Focus again!

  • Hey Jamira!

    It’s Anthony from Jacksonville! I believe we met in Gainesville during Sweet Swing Outs or their Winter formal, cool to see you on here and hope to practice some of the stuff from here sometime. Hope these awesome instructors help you a bunch and look forward to dancing with you again in the future!

  • Sorry I haven’t responded (was busy during hurricane time). Also, in my city/area there was some power outages and flooding, but everyone I know has told me that their houses turned out fine although some did lose power for a few days. Unfortunately, friend in other cities had family that got their houses damaged by the flood, however I am happy…[Read more]

  • Hey Everyone,

    My name is Anthony and I have been dancing for almost 2 years in Jacksonville, Florida! After getting a basic foundation hammered into me by my local swing dance teachers, I hope to further increase my social dance skills to be able to communicate comfortably with follows. I have been going dancing 2 a week in my scene and I try go…[Read more]

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