Focus your time with a structured approach to Lindy Hop

This is your opportunity to study with Michael Jagger and Evita Arce. Two world class performers and teachers who can guide you to becoming a better dancer. With a focus on connection, musicality, style, and core fundamentals of the dance you will be able to improve your dancing in a structured and progressive system.

Our Member, Ren, just won second place at Camp Jitterbug!

International Instructors,

in your home.

After more than ten years teaching around the world, we are proud to bring the best of our instruction to you on a regular basis in this incredible online format.

Often times we explain special secrets of the dance in class, but we rarely get to spend much time on these topics. Now, not only do we get the chance to communicate our methods exactly the way we want, but you can watch, and re-watch as many times as you need to understand each move and concept.

Between the two of us, we have over 30 years of combined experience and knowledge that you can call upon any time. We will  act as your personal tour guides through each course as we explore new moves, technique, variations and show you exercises to help you improve.

scottThey are known as two of the absolute finest teachers, choreographers, and dancers in the entire global Lindy Hop scene and in our world are a household name. I suppose you could call them our very own rock stars except they have exceptional humility about all they do making them even more adored and loved by dancers across the globe. – Scott Cupit (Director of Swing Patrol UK)

The Lindy Hop Roadmap

Structure and Focus

Have you ever felt frustrated with your dancing? Have you ever felt like the classes you take at weekend workshops can be a bit random?

Yes, yes, yes?

Excellent! Then you will find great value and guidance in our Lindy Hop Roadmap.

We have taken everything we know, everything we have taught over the past fifteen years and organized it for you into a clear and structured path so that you can study the right moves in the right order to know what it is like to make real progress.

We start with the Fundamentals. This course is all about solo movement and you won’t need a partner. You will build up your rhythm, stamina, coordination and style through a progressive set of exercises and movement routines.

Following on from the Fundamentals you will find SIX more carefully structured levels that take you from Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, all the way to truly Advanced moves and techniques.

All in all there are over two hundred lessons on the site, so you won’t be short of material to study. But that’s not the point! The point is that you will have a roadmap you can follow from beginning to end, with master teachers to guide you along the way.

From the Beginner Track

From the Advanced Track

Certificate Courses

Goals and Guidance

Having the roadmap is great, but it is important to check in at certain “stops on the road” and get some feedback.

We’ve got you covered!

Three times a year we have submission periods where members of Syncopated City can submit to get their Level Certificate. This involves completing a set routine that combines elements learned in each level, musicality, and even some general history of the dance.

This is a chance for you to set a goal, follow the roadmap, and feel a sense of accomplishment that you have not only made progress but also laid a solid foundation to continue developing your skills.

Your submission will be reviewed by Michael or Evita and you will receive detailed personal feedback and guidance on your submission.

*Because of the time and effort involved in Certificate Replies, these Certificate submissions are only available to Annual Members.

So what made me sign up? 

ME Membership1. Being able to select material that I think I need to work on … I expect it to be easier to chase marginal gains with your material.

2. I think your courses are shaped in a way that allows me to understand what you think is an essential foundation. Classes are tons of fun … but I sometimes get the feeling that certain exercises which would be largely beneficial to learning aren’t put into focus because maybe it would be too repetitive for students; I like repetition, I think it is essential for learning. You seem to be unafraid to ask your students for doing a few “drills” (see the triple steps videos, kick ball change, etc.).

3. A chance to close the feedback loop. I usually enjoy honest feedback, even if it sounds harsh. From experience, that is what works for me. Unfortunately, feedback is not so easy to gather. I found videos to be exactly that – honest & harsh. They allow me to sometimes spot where I lose balance, getting out of the rhythm etc. So the fact that you had these opportunities to upload videos was convincing.

– Julius, London UK

Office Hours

There is nothing more valuable we can give you than our time, and that is what you get as a member of Syncopated City.

Each week, either Michael or Evita will hold office hours. You can come in to ask a single question or have a conversation about your struggles. Get feedback on a video, get guidance on a lesson.

Whatever it is, we are here for you.

Every week.

Member Challenges

Personal feedback on technique, style, and choreography with Member Challenges

Member challenges offer a way to work towards a common goal. Throughout the month members will be set a task and submit updates and videos along the way. At the end of the challenge we all get together on a live call and go through the work that has been done. These sessions bring the community together from all corners of the globe to discuss the dance and to get some face to face time with Michael & Evita. You can be actively involved with questions and video submissions or simply watch and be part of the fun!

Study With Friends

There are dancers from all over the world learning here at Syncopated City and you can join in on the conversation in out community forum.It is a place to ask questions, upload videos, and receive feedback. You will also find regular challenges posed by Michael & Evita that are worked on in the Live Training.

205bca0e47fe4ccfb48417a5686d23f6-bpfull“The course is great fun and we have material for months of training. You are inspiring and motivating, because you convey your love of the dancing and the teaching so much, you are giving us enthusiasm by your own enthusiasm.” – Roman and Anne, Germany

Evita and Michael are the best instructors you can wish for! We appreciate about their teaching style that they show various perspectives and approaches to accommodate any type of learner. And they’re so beautiful and passionate at what they do that it is impossible to not have the same passion brought out in their students!  – Edna Biesold – New York

Hear from current members

I loved how you broke down the technique of connection and let us explore the responsibility of each person to maintain the “magnet hands” connection. It is so much easier to learn and enjoy learning when the flow of the lesson is thought through in all these ways … you guys clearly seem to be people who are refining your crafts as dancers and instructors. – Sam Barnhart, Portland OR

In A Nutshell

One more thing…

As we travel to workshops around the world we love to meet with members of Syncopated City and we make a special effort to offer private lessons. For Annual members of Syncopated City we offer a 30% discount on the price of a private lesson and we give scheduling priority to members too.


Our Guarantee

We put our heart and soul into this school and we are confident you are going to enjoy being a member. If you find that this site is not for you, you can let us know within thirty days of signing up, and we will give you a full refund. Our 30 day guarantee means there is no risk in signing up and every reason to become a member right now! Just choose your membership below.

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