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Your Journey begins here, as Michael and Evita break down core Swing rhythms and patterns. This will be the foundation upon which everything else is built.
Once you’ve completed your FUN-duh-mentals, you’re ready to start dancing with a partner in our Beginner Course.  This series of lessons will introduce you to both 6- and 8-count basic patterns, complete with counts and rhythms.
In this level learn how to differentiate between 6- and 8-count, how to lead and follow the difference between walks versus triple steps, and get new variations on basic patterns.  Also learn the Charleston basic and the Shim Sham line dance, an essential for every swing dancer!
Now you’re ready for exciting variations on patterns from previous levels, as well as solo exercises on spinning and turning!

As an INT/ADV dancer you feel comfortable and familiar with your rhythms and you have a good understanding of lead and follow. The moves in this level challenge dancers to occasionally change or vary their footwork while not loosing their time or place in the step. There are also more challenging turns, particularly that go inside while the follow travels. Dancers are also introduced to the Texas Tommy which is a difficult move to time correctly and it requires a flexible frame in the arms. In addition, we learn more variations that go outside of the normal 6 count and 8 count structure. This begins asking students to really lead and follow and honor the 2 beat building blocks of the dance.


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Where Do I Start?

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8 Count Moves You Should Know

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