Jig Walks Lindy Hop Lesson

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Hello Happy Swing Dancers, We hope you enjoyed our detailed video description of the Pop Turn last week, and we want to let you know that we've uploaded yet another great lesson to YouTube this week: Jig Walks

6-count Pop Turn Video

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Hi Everybody, This is a detailed explanation of how Michael and Evita execute a 6-count Pop Turn in Lindy Hop. Please remember to Subscribe to our YouTube channel, if you haven't already. And if you want to start your FREE

5 Ways to Help You Improvise

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Improvising is one of the great skills of Jazz.  Frequently students request help with improvising and ask for suggestions on how to confront their fear.  It's difficult to explain this and it takes time and experience. You need a collection

Lindy Hop Swivel Exercise

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This is a special announcement for anyone interested in improving their swivels. The swivel is an iconic movement made by the Follow while in open position.  Most often the swivel is taught on counts 1 and 2 of