Enjoy this conversation with Felix, Michael and Evita about how to prepare for performing, what goes into creating choreographies and how much can we push the edges of a specific style and genre of dance.  You will also hear about Felix’s background in Swedish Bugg, Hip Hop, his love for musical theatre and years of competing as a kid, all of which has helped make him a well rounded dancer capable of learning routines quickly and dedicating his passion to being fully present, in the moment, when he performs.

Below is also a youtube link to Felix and Michael performing their piece “Sandstorm” by Ray McKinley.

Another clip that was discussed in the podcast is the Solo Jazz contest from “Harlem”, an event in Lithuania where Felix seems to go crazy in his improvisation.

You can get in touch with Felix through facebook.

Felix also works at Herrang Dance Camp.

Music for the Michael & Evita show is provided by Glenn Crytzer.

You can order his music here  http://www.glenncrytzer.com